Solve the SDGs

The most important challenges are solved together

Solve the SDGs is a hackathon where we focus on shaping a better future by creating solutions for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a hackathon for people, who want to make a difference. For people, who don’t want to watch the world burn, but to change it for the better.

It may seem like an insurmountable task. No one can change the world alone, let alone in one weekend. But together with bright minds from all over the world, world-class mentors, and sufficient data, we can take a step or two in the right direction — and that’s how every important journey starts.

Aalto Ventures Program

Sustainability through entrepreneurship

Aalto Ventures Program is the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University, where students in multidisciplinary teams work on hands-on exercises. For us, entrepreneurship is a mindset and a tool that helps daring individuals to solve real, meaningful problems either with their own company or from inside an existing organization. We don’t want our students to become tech millionaires. We want them to save the world — and maybe become millionaires doing it.


A global hackathon and tech community

In our hackathons, we bring together developers, designers and other tech-minded people to create new projects and solve intriguing challenges. In order to offer our participants the most stimulating problems and latest technology, we partner with roughly 60 companies yearly. In addition, we organize meetups, speaker events, workshops and more. The event-filled year peaks annually with our flagship event, Junction, held in Finland with around 1500 developers and designers in attendance every year.

We believe that technology is a powerful tool when used right, and everybody should have the possibility to build meaningful things with it: that's why all of our events are centered around learning and creating with technology.
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